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How To Write Copies Using CopyBlocks

How To Write High Converting Copies

Step 1: From your member’s area, click on “Add Project” enter the “Project Name”, and click on “Create New Project”.

Step 2: Enter your “Project Name” and hit the “Send” icon.

Step 3: Describe your “Product/Offer” with unique details, then hit the “Send” Icon.

Step 4: Choose your “Preferred Tone of Voice” and hit the “Send” icon.

Step 5: Choose your “Preferred Writing Style” and hit the “Send” Icon.

Step 6: Fill out your “Target Audience”.

Step 7: Choose a “Language Option” for your copy.

Step 8: Click the “Write My Copy”.

Here are few screenshots to show you the different copies being generated.

And lots more!

How To Edit Previously Given Answers & Generate Fresh Copies

After generating your copies, you can choose to update the previous answers you gave, so the AI can generate a new set of copies for you. This way, you can choose to change your copy hook or angle, etc.

Step 1: Click on the “Edit Answers” button, and then update your previous responses as you wish.

Step 2: Once you’re done, hit the “Regenerate copy”.button to get the AI to generate a new set of copies based on your updated responses.

How To Generate Copies For Different Categories.

Click on the different copy types under “All Categories” by your right-hand side, then you can choose to update the information previously filled by clicking on the “Edit” icon and hit the “Regenerate Copy” button.

How To Edit, Copy, Add To Favorite, Or Delete Generated Copies.

How To Edit A Generated Copy

Step 1: To edit any of the generated copies, simply click on the “Edit” icon below the copy in question, and go ahead to make your changes.

Step 2: Once done, click on the “Save icon” to save changes.


How To Copy To Your Clipboard

To copy any of the generated copies to your clipboard so you can simply paste somewhere else, simply click on the “Copy” icon, below the copy of choice.

How To Add A Copy To Favorite

To add any of the generated copies to favorite, simply click on the “Heart Icon” below the copy of choice, and it’ll be automatically added to your list of favorites.

How To Delete Any Of The Copies Generated

To delete any of the copies generated, simply click on the “Delete icon” below the copy of choice.

How To Download Your Copies.

Choose your preferred copies and click on the “Download” icon and they will be downloaded as a CSV file to your local device.

And that’s it.

If you need further assistance, kindly use the chat widget at the bottom-right corner of this page or send an email to our support desk([email protected]) for prompt assistance.

Thank you!

Updated on October 28, 2021

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